NBC is, undoubtedly, one of the top eCommerce website development company based in Kolkata, West Bengal. NBC aims to make exceptional designs for varied websites.

Employing a user-friendly interface, engaging appearance and a conveniently manageable backend, are the areas our professional forces which NBC attends dedicatedly. The art we possess for rendering eCommerce Website Development services, inevitably, takes you closer to the futuristic experience of shopping online!

How we Perform

Strictly, we employ efficiency in all tasks. Whether it is a matter of selling 100 products or 100000, we suggest and deliver personalized solutions that fits our client’s requirements as well as budget perfectly.

Yes, our eCommerce Web Development team is aware of the varied and diverse requirement types of different clients and therefore strive to deliver custom answers which would deploy utmost satisfaction to all. So, as an eCommerce service provider, we respect the fundamental parameters which need prior attention and invite further advanced refinements accordingly.

E-Commerce Platforms

Consistency in delivering sophistication is key. And we, as an eCommerce service provider, practice such ethics religiously. For this, the premium platforms like Magento, Drupal, Shopify, Opencart, etc. assist us in executing the tasks, irrespective of its complexity degree, with respect to maintaining quality. Woo Commerce, Drupal and Nop Commerce are just some more premium platforms which our eCommerce Web Development team works on. Our special approach is what sets us distinctly apart from the mainstream ones.

How we Benefit your E-Commerce Business


Unlimited Customers

Fetch plenty of attention and reach a larger crowd!


Global Access to your Store

Buyers across countries can access your store so you have a large audience ready



Bridge the gap and deliver products across cities and even countries


Cost Effective

Save up on the huge cost you’d have to incur on a physical store!


One Stop Shop

Get to choose from diverse objects from shoes, fabrics, furniture of different brands at only one e-store!


Analytical Reports

Study the areas where you need improvement with the analytics report. It tracks all of it


Multiple Payment Alternatives

Debit, credit, PayPal or cash? You choose!


3rd Party CRM Integration

Welcome highly advanced and personalized campaigns



Tell them you are there! So, let them find you easily


Social Login

Let the visitors engage with a product. Comment, review and connect with others


Products and their Categories

Clear demarcated categories make it simple for finding the kinds of products the buyers seek


Training & Technical Support

Strong tech support can back you up in a dedicated way throughout