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You can administer your finances and transactions with Sirchend’s ultimate Blockchain Technology services.

Moreover, you can tighten up your crypto finances with the dedicated assistance of our steadfast Blockchain Development Company.

The Principle of Blockchain Development

Revolution for every business it is! This technology is, basically, an apportioned ledger platform which manages your transactions in an encrypted and secure form.

This string of blocks are demarcated throughout the entire network and chained together to render a highly secure and advanced record of your business’s digital information.

The task of professional Blockchain Technology services is not just restricted to tacking the trade in exchange of cryptocurrency but developing applications as well. Ethereum, an operating system or platform bearing smart contract functionality, works to make it possible.

An Insight into the Roots of Blockchain Technology

Initially, it was developed to administer the trading of products in exchange of digital currency, namely, Bitcoin. It wasn’t until a couple of years back that the value of the cryptocurrency boomed gigantically thereby establishing its immense popularity as we know now.

Besides preventing any modification of data within the blocks, this futuristic method discards the necessitation of their alliance with intermediary companies as banks. So, it is evident of the potential that Blockchain Technology has over the contemporary business and its operations summoning the future itself!

Our Pivotal Blockchain Development Services

Our Pivotal Blockchain Development Services

Our professional team develops apps of apportioned ledger technology encompassing individual nodes, custom cryptocurrencies, hash algorithms, etc. We employ BaaS tools such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web, IBM and Oracle as well.

Blockchain Mining Software

We program cryptocurrency mining systems made to serve improved general ledger security. ASIC chips assist us to quicken transaction verifications. Miner performance dashboards and rendering thorough architecture solutions for mining are also what we focus on. Our Blockchain Technology services also include CPU and GPU mining so you can earn a profitable amount in exchange of your PC’s power.

Blockchain Banking

Initiating payments upon delivery, financing international trade, setting security transactions & transferring syndicated loans are the areas where our banking smart contracts are applicable. Also, our programs for delivering Blockchain solutions involve AML, otherwise known as Anti-Money Laundering as well as KYC or Know Your Customer protocols.

Blockchain Wallets & Exchange Applications

We weave cryptocurrency functionality to apps and websites & develop modular applications. Our Blockchain Technology applications tend to be the product of veteran development and expert research to suit the respective needs of our clients.

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